Traditional Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage (Thai massage) - this is a dry body massage, which is performed in the clothes during the meeting involved the entire body, from the toes to the crown of the head. Traditional Thai massage is aimed at improving the overall physical condition of the body. This type of massage helps to maximize relaxation and restore proper operation of the internal organs joints and the whole body. This massage is recommended for people with stiffness and lack of mobility all the muscles and joints. As well as a wonderful remedy for physical exertion and stress.

60 min. 500 UAH
90 min. 650 UAH
120 min. 800 UAH

Aromatic foot massage

Aroma foot massage - is an ancient art based on the use of essential oils for health purposes. For millennia, treatments with aromatic oil blends to help various the era of charming women to preserve their beauty and youth, and the mighty rulers of the stronger sex - to return the old forces. Aroma massage relieves stress and removes the pain in muscles, a beneficial effect on nerve endings. After application of a combination of massage and essential oils of the skin becomes elastic. Relaxation, wellness massage useful absolutely anyone.

40 min. 450 UAH
60 min. 600 UAH

Energy Thai massage

Energy Thai massage - a combination of traditional Thai and foot massage. Facilitates rapid recovery and mobilization of hidden resources of the body, increases efficiency and energizes. This procedure requires a thorough knowledge of the body, and the relationship between all the elements in the body. With the power of the Thai foot massage professional acts on these bioactive points, relaxing, toning and healing the body. The treatment includes massage drumsticks, thighs, and even the head - after the caring hands of a specialist, you will feel relaxed and calm. Energy Thai foot massage helps to relieve swelling perfectly stimulate blood vessels, reduce stress, prevent the appearance of varicose veins.

90 min. 650 UAH
120 min. 800 UAH

Aromatic Body Massage

Arriving at a session of Thai massage with essential oils (Oil massage) you can be sure how useful combination treatment aromomasel forces and their charming flavor, which plunges into a strange ritual of Thai massage. Unique oils combined with massage movements, fill your body health, relaxation and give positive emotions your soul! This type of massage containing the best of muscle and acupressure healing properties of oils, which will give your skin oksamytovist and tenderness, and your soul absolute tranquility. Unique oils combined with massage movements, fill your body health give relaxation and positive emotions.

60 min. 600 UAH
90 min. 800 UAH
120 min. 1000 UAH

Thai back & head massage

Thai back & head massage - this is a wonderful version of relaxation and maintain in perfect condition of the body. This type of massage is perfect for those who spend much time in the office and be seated, stationary most of the day. It is this massage will help your body to activate the tired muscles and helps eliminate fine salts from your joints.Massage cervical area relieves stress and burden of problems with tired shoulders, it brings relief from pain in the back of his head, osteochondrosis, insomnia and generally feeling unwell.

40 min. 400 UAH
60 min. 500 UAH

Slim massage

One of the most enjoyable and, at the same time, effective ways is slim massage - this is a powerful and profound effect on the skin and body, which is performed in order to achieve the main result - the figure correction. This type of massage is carried out with a special oil for best results. Slim massage can be performed as a correction of the whole body, or the master can concentrate on specific areas: waist, back, thighs or abdomen. Thanks to the skilful hands of the master, Massage also performs the function of preventing the appearance of cellulite. This massage removes toxins from your body, to the skin makes the new influx of nutrients and oxygen, It contributes to the care of excess fluid.

60 min. 700 UAH

Massage the face and head

Massage the face and head movements is a unique combination of skillful hands of the master. Rotated gentle circular movements and clicks on the forehead, nose, ears, cheek (places the highest concentration of important points) - you get great pleasure and absolute relaxation. All the problems and stress go away, and you begin to feel as if just awakened and full of strength and energy. Above all, a good massage has a lifting effect and all the best qualities of anti-stress agent.

60 min. 600 UAH

Coffee Scrub + aroma massage

Coffee Scrub - is one of the nicest, and therefore the same time the most effective ways of cleaning the skin. This coffee has good properties break down body fat, tone up the skin and remove excess liquid. Particles of natural coffee beans do not just clean the skin, but also perform massage. The result is improved circulation, making cellulite begins to recede. The skin is smoothed, it becomes even, smooth and soft. Caffeine found in coffee beans, penetrates the skin, contributing to the breakdown of fat and cellulite. Thus, the regular use of coffee scrub promotes weight loss, and in conjunction with the Thai aromatic massage incredible way heals and rejuvenates your skin.

60 min. 800 UAH
90 min. 1000 UAH